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From "CJ" <>
Subject Accessing build script's prefix-to-namespace uri mappings from a task.
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 12:27:40 GMT

Hopefully someone can help me or point me in the right direction here.

I have a custom Ant task which I want to use to invoke another command
which isn't known at compilation time. It uses an approach very similar
to Ant itself, in that it builds the command from RuntimeConfigurables/
UnknownElements. This all works but for running commands which have a
prefix (such as my other custom commands).

I want to be able to translate the prefix to a namespace uri that I can
make the correct UnkownElement.setNamespace( uri ) call.

For clarity, this is a simplified form of what I want to do. (I realize
the example doesn't make a great deal of practical sense in this form;
this is just for illustrative purposes, please humor me :) ).

<project name="example"
    <taskdef resource="some/path/"
             />     <!-- Supplying 'mytaskname' and 'taskrunner' -->
    <!-- Regular execution; example -->
    <myprefix:mytaskname ... />
    <!-- Task runner; what I want to do -->
        <atask name="myprefix:mytaskname">

Taskrunner is what I'm trying to get working, so it executes the task
just as Ant would when parsing the xml form above it. I am parsing the
'myprefix' from the task name (atask's name attribute), but I don't
know how to get the namespace 'http://some.uri' programmatically at
this point.

Is there a way to access the namespace mappings defined in the build
script that invokes taskrunner?

(I'm currently using Ant 1.7.0)

Thanks in advance.

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