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From Kale54 <>
Subject Validating XML with W3C schema and OASIS xmlcatalogs
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 13:53:14 GMT
Hi all,

  in a xmlvalidate-task using a xmlcatalog nested step, I try this:
      <schema namespace=" 

and in my xmlcatalog i wrote:
      <uri name="" 
uri="file://c:/mydir/envelope.xsd" /> (I want catalog overrides previous 
but the resolver in Apache xml-resolver only take the file in 
schemasRoot directory! (not that I want).
It seems the catalog entries are never matched.
(the log reports:

	resolveEntity: 		'null':file:/D:/TestsRoot/resources/Schemas/envelope.xsd'
	Class 	loaded 
from parent loader (parentFirst)
	Apache resolver library found, xml-commons resolver will be used
	Using catalogpath 
	Parsing 	D:\CanooWebTest_R2.5_B1584\JobScripts\XML_Catalog_Locale_1.xml
	No matching catalog entry found, parser will use: 

Can anyone give me any suggestion? Please, Im very stuck!
Thanks in advance.


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