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From "S.B. Mak" <>
Subject Uptodate without fixed name for target file
Date Sun, 26 Aug 2007 19:34:25 GMT
I want to use 'uptodate', but I do not know the exact name of the  
target file to be used for checking the date. All I know is its  
location, and that it ends with 'dmi'. Can this be done? I tried to  
use a nested globmapper with target *.dmi, but that didn't work.

I got it working by specifying an exact target filename, but again,  
the script needs to be generic in this regard.

The code that worked, but that is too specific:

<uptodate srcfile="${domainmodel}" targetfile="${}/ 
somefilename.dmi" property="domainmodel.uptodate" />

The code that didn't work:

<uptodate srcfile="${domainmodel}" property="domainmodel.uptodate">
       <mapper type="glob" from="${domainmodel}" to="${}/*.dmi" />
(from on the mapper was necessary, otherwise a NullPointerException  
was raised)

Any advice would be appreciated.


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