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From "Ravi Roy" <>
Subject FW: Failonerror attribute of Delete and Javac task
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 12:46:51 GMT
Sorry, my mail was incomple because it really did not specify what my actual
problem was.

Actual problem is :

After compilation is failed build doest not stop and continue to execute
next target. 


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From: Ravi Roy [] 
Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2007 5:36 PM
To: ''
Subject: Failonerror attribute of Delete and Javac task 

Hi All,

My product build scripts are spanned across serveral build scripts. At
times, while deleting the temp folder, I use the following :

<target name="clean.temp">
      <delete failonerror="false" includeemptydirs="true">
      	 <fileset dir="${build.temp}">
        	     <include name="**/*" />
      <delete dir="${build.temp}" />      

Please note above in the target that I am using failonerror="false", which I
use because if somehow ${build.temp} does not exist, it should not come up
with error message that build failed as a result folder ${build.temp} does
not exist.

Does this "failonerror" have any side effect on javac tasks' failonerror
attribute ? Which means that at first "failonerror" is set to "false" while
deleting the ${build.temp} and when compilation happens I set "failonerror"
to "true" intentionally because if there is compilation problems then it
should not continue build and it Ant should fail doing the build.

I would appreciate any pointers.


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