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From "Evan J " <>
Subject Re: Inclusion and Exclusion Confusion
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 12:55:07 GMT
I think you misunderstood me. The test target does indeed depend on
compilation of base classes. When I run the compile target for the
base classes _only_ (not the compile for test target), the compilation
of such classes result in a correct set of classes (only the base
classes) being compiled and placed in the appropriate

When I run the target for test classes, as I mentioned, one of the
base classes' package directory (package2/*.java) is also included in
my test destination directory destdir[=build/test AND test/]. As a
matter of fact such inclusion occurs twice:

build/test/com/host/proj/package2/*.java <-- I DO NOT WANT THIS
test/com/host/proj/test/package2/*.java <-- I DO NOT WANT THIS
test/com/host/proj/package2/*.java <-- I DO NOT WANT THIS

test/ and build/ are on same level. Is there a way, after compilation
of test classes, to ONLY place such test classes in the designated
directory -- that is, the compilation of test classes should result in


And nothing else. How do I go about excluding all other base classes
and only include the test classes in the appropriate destination

On 7/20/07, RADEMAKERS Tanguy <> wrote:
> >Can somebody shed light on what I am doing wrong?
> I'm guessing that your test classes refer to - i.e. depend on - the
> classes they test, right? So isn't it normal that the tested classes get
> compiled?
> /t
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