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From Wayne Cannon <>
Subject fileset date selector based on the date of a file
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 14:51:10 GMT
I would like to do the equivalent of a "find -newer reference_file ... | 
zip ... ", i.e., archiving all files newer than a reference_file.  I 
would like to archive only the files that have changed since the last 
major archive into a smaller, faster, "delta" archive; much like an 
incremental backup works.

The <date> selector in a <fileset> looks like the logical solution, but 
it appears to only use a date-time string and not a reference file to 
specify the date.

Is there a way to use the date-time of a reference file, instead of a 
string, for the <date> selector?
Is there a way to set a property with the date-time of a reference file 
so that the property can be passed to a <date> selector?
Is there another way to accomplish my goal, such as a way to use 
<depend> with a single reference file?


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