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From "Chris Velevitch" <>
Subject Re: cvs behaviour
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 00:43:54 GMT
On 6/13/07, Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) <> wrote:
> Please post the relavant portion of your build.xml file. The output from
> ant might be helpful also.

<cvs command="export"

Buildfile: /home/chris/projects/i07/system/build.xml
      [cvs] Using cvs passfile: /home/chris/.cvspass
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim
      [cvs] U zim/.cvsignore
      [cvs] U zim/.netrc
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/blanksys
      [cvs] U zim/.project
      [cvs] U zim/.vimrc
      [cvs] U zim/areas.zim
      [cvs] U zim/config.zim
      [cvs] U zim/do.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/ed.doc
      [cvs] U zim/t8.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/zenupdate
      [cvs] U zim/zim4cnv1.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/zim4cnvsu1.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/zim4cnvsu2.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/blanksys/.cvsignore
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/exe
      [cvs] U zim/exe/calc
      [cvs] U zim/exe/dbidxdoc
      [cvs] U zim/exe/dbidxmake
      [cvs] U zim/exe/dbsdxdoc
      [cvs] U zim/exe/dbsearch
      [cvs] U zim/exe/fmt2
      [cvs] U zim/exe/heading
      [cvs] U zim/exe/hplas3si.hdr
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/library
      [cvs] U zim/exe/menu
      [cvs] U zim/exe/mm
      [cvs] U zim/exe/necp5.hdr
      [cvs] U zim/exe/presearch
      [cvs] U zim/exe/quickfmt
      [cvs] U zim/exe/reidxdoc
      [cvs] U zim/exe/reidxmake
      [cvs] U zim/exe/resdxdoc
      [cvs] U zim/exe/roff
      [cvs] U zim/exe/roff.hdr
      [cvs] U zim/exe/scan
      [cvs] U zim/exe/select
      [cvs] U zim/exe/strip
      [cvs] U zim/library/textcode.cmd
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/source
      [cvs] U zim/source/applicantmerge.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/appreg.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/appsupervisors.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/asstsssend.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/chkappemail.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/chkinternetusers.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/clientcontacts.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/clientnotes.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/configeassy.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/ddupd.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/epscsv.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/experience.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/filepath.zen
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/system
      [cvs] U zim/source/getblankentity.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/getconfig.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/getosfilename.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/getrawtimesheets.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/
      [cvs] U zim/source/jobcontact.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/jobcostingreport.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/lregformdefs.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/lresidencycodes.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/lsource.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/oscopy.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/osftp.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/oshttpget.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/osmkdir.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/osresetpassword.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/ossendemail.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/outputselect.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/paddress.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/pcapitalise.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/ppostcode.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/pstate.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/ptown.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/rcliconsum.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/rclicontacts.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/rcontactma.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/rduplicateapps.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/residencycodes.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/rworkerscomp.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/selectrescodes.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/selectwiccodes.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/sendemail.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/timesheetattach.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/timesheetget.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/timesheetprint.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/timesheetreprint.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/timesheets.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/timesheetstatus.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/tolaser2.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/tolaser4.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/toprinter2.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/toprinter4.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/ts1.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/tsenable.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/uatconfig.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/updateversion.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/vaddress.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/vemail.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/verpath.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/vpostcode.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/vstate.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/vtown.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/wiccodes.zen
      [cvs] U zim/source/
      [cvs] U zim/source/
      [cvs] U zim/source/
      [cvs] U zim/system/austiger.zen
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/text
      [cvs] U zim/system/deleteentityset.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/system/deleteentversion.zen
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/filedelete.zen
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/oschmod.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/system/osgetostype.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/system/osprint.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/system/testconfig.zen
      [cvs] U zim/system/
      [cvs] U zim/text/regfielddefs.dat
      [cvs] U zim/text/regformdefs.dat
      [cvs] U zim/text/regforms.dat
      [cvs] U zim/text/regmajorareas.dat
      [cvs] U zim/text/regsubareas.dat
      [cvs] U zim/text/source.dat
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/utils
      [cvs] U zim/utils/a.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/acf.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/af.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/bash.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/build.xml
      [cvs] U zim/utils/c.cmd
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating zim/zim0001.src
      [cvs] U zim/utils/comp.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/cp.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/cpdisp.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/cpform.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/d.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/dd.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/debug.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/df.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/dp.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/dup.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/e2n.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/entname.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/er.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/es.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/ex.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/f.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/fd.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/ff.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/fixlogin.zen
      [cvs] U zim/utils/fn.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/genddupd.zen
      [cvs] U zim/utils/grep.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/l.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/listdd.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/lt.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/m.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/more.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/mv.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/n2e.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/nv.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/o.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/pagecount.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/po.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/poff.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/prn.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/pt.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/rc.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/recreate.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/s.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/sc.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/sh.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/smartparse.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/so.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/sp.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/sto.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/t.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/t0.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/tp.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/v.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/vi.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/whatis.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/x.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/z.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/utils/zexit.cmd
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/.cvsignore
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1000.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1001.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1002.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1004.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1005.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1006.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1007.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1008.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1009.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1010.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1011.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1012.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1013.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1014.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1015.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1016.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1017.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1018.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1019.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc102.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1020.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1021.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1022.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1023.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1024.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1025.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1026.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1027.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1028.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1029.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1030.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1032.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1033.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1034.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1036.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1037.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1038.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1039.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1040.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1041.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1042.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1043.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1044.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1045.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1046.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1048.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1049.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc105.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1050.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1051.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1052.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1053.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1054.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1056.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1057.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1058.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1059.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc106.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1060.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1061.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1062.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1063.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1064.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1065.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1066.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1067.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1068.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1069.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc107.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1070.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1071.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1072.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1073.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1074.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1075.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1076.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1077.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1078.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1079.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc1080.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc11.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc148.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc17.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc174.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc175.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc180.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc182.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc193.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc213.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc216.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc217.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc218.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc219.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc22.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc223.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc224.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc225.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc226.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc227.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc228.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc232.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc233.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc234.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc235.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc239.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc240.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc241.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc243.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc245.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc246.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc256.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc263.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc264.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc276.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc285.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc290.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc291.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc295.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc297.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc3.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc308.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc31.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc312.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc32.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc330.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc335.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc339.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc340.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc342.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc348.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc349.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc35.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc350.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc351.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc364.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc365.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc385.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc388.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc394.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc395.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc399.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc400.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc403.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc407.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc412.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc413.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc440.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc441.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc442.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc443.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc444.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc452.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc455.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc457.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc458.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc459.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc460.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc461.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc462.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc464.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc465.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc469.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc474.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc556.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc557.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc559.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc560.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc577.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc578.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc579.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc582.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc583.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc585.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc586.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc59.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc6.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc606.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc607.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc608.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc609.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc610.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc613.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc614.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc615.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc616.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc617.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc620.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc621.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc623.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc624.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc625.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc626.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc627.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc628.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc629.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc632.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc633.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc634.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc636.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc637.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc638.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc640.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc641.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc646.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc647.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc648.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc649.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc650.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc651.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc656.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc657.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc659.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc66.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc662.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc663.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc664.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc665.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc674.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc675.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc680.doc
      [cvs] U zim/zim0001.src/proc681.doc
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> > Subject: cvs behaviour
> >
> > The cvs task behaves unexpectantly. At the commandline 'cvs
> > export -d dest -r tag module' exports the content of the
> > module the 'dest'. The ant task cvs creates a directory
> > called 'module' in 'dest' and copies the contents of the
> > module 'module' to the directory 'dest/module'. Is this a
> > known problem or is there some attribute I need to add to
> > make behave the same as at the commandline?
> >
> >
> > Chris
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Chris Velevitch
Manager - Sydney Flash Platform Developers Group
m: 0415 469 095

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