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From Qazwart <>
Subject Re: <cc> task issue in ANT
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 11:26:24 GMT
No, Nant and Ant are two totally separate tools. Nant I believe is  
based upon .NET and not Java (which makes sense since it is for .NET  

However, Nant and Ant do share many of the similar task types and a  
very similar build.xml file structure. You define project, run  
"Targets" in the Project's build.xml file, and the targets use  
"Tasks". There are some differences between the two -- especially in  
the individual tasks. Some of this is preferences between the two  
groups of authors, some of this is fixing some of the issues users of  
Ant have found with Ant itself, and some of this has to do with the  
way the two different platforms work. Nant, for example uses a lot  
more functions than Ant. In Ant, you use <available>. In Nant, you  
use the <if> task and use various Nant functions to see if a property  
is defined or if a file exists. And, unlike the <available> task, you  
can do other things besides setting a single property.

However, they are similar enough that you could easily pick up Nant  
if you're use to Ant. Since the heart of your process is based upon  
<cl>, <mc>, <rc>, and <csc> tasks, it would make sense to use Nant
instead of Ant.

The biggest problem of Nant is the sparseness of the Nant  
documentation. Nant is still officially on version 0.85, so they  
haven't bothered to flesh out the documentation just yet. Microsoft  
and many of the other companies in the Microsoft environment are also  
not a big supporters of Open Source software. Unlike the Unix world  
where many of the larger companies actually hire people to work on  
Open Source projects and many professionals contribute to Open Source  
software because they use it in their daily work, the Microsoft world  
is still getting use to the idea that they are becoming dependent  
upon Open Source projects like Nant.

Still, I can see that great strides have been made in documentation.  
You can find the Nant documentation here: 

On Jun 28, 2007, at 1:50 AM, query wrote:

> Is it possible to use NANT within ANT just like ant-contrib ?
> I may need NANT only for<cl>,<mc>,<rc> and <csc> tasks. For all
> other things I am comfortable using ANT tool.
> On Sat, 23 Jun 2007 David Weintraub wrote :
>> If you're using Microsoft's .NET framework, you might want to look at
>> Nant and not Ant. Nant is the .Net equivalent of Ant. Nant has a <mc>
>> task which uses the Microsoft Message compiler and a <cl> task for
>> compiling VSC++ code.
>> Take a look at: and see if this does  
>> what you want.
>> On 22 Jun 2007 11:45:18 -0000, query <>  
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> <cc> task in ANT is having an attribute with values "msvc" and  
>>> "msrc" for microsoft Visual C++ and microsoft resource compilers  
>>> respectively.
>>> Is there any task or attribute for microsoft message compiler?
>>> Similarly, is there any task for IDLToCLSCompiler.exe ued in  
>>> microsoft.NET framework?
>>> I want to know as soon as possible.
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>> David Weintraub
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David Weintraub

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