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From Doug Lochart <>
Subject Re: Waiting for <exec> task to succeed
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 17:13:25 GMT
I may be being a bit picky but I would not key on a port (which could 
change in a config file) I would target the process name itself with ps 
or pgrep myself.

I haven't done any serious ant dev in a while (my build scripts work 
fine =) but if you have exhausted the core and contrib tasks then you 
might want to build your own task that looks for and then watches (waits 
fir the process to terminate if that is what you want).  Then when your 
task completes the process is stopped.  Remember though that if the 
process is not in the process of dying this task won't return.

just one simple solution of which there are probably better

Krish wrote:
> Hi
> I have a requirement wherein I need to make sure the 
> process doesnt exist. So I need to do something like
> this -
> `netstat -tln | grep 8080 | cut -f1 -d'.
> If the return value of the above is tcp, then i know
> that a process is running ..... I need to run this
> command in a loop until the process dies out. Right
> now, there is no way of knowing how long it takes for
> the process to die (1 min or 2 min etc)....Also i
> looked at <exec> task, but there is no way of placing
> this task in a conditional loop. Or if there is way, I
> am not sure how to proceed.
> I also looked at <waitFor> but I cannot use <waitFor>
> and <exec> together.
> Let me know how to proceed with this.
> Thanks
> K
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