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From <>
Subject AW: Using ant as a cross platform java process launcher
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 09:18:12 GMT
>So my questions to the ant community:
>* What is commons launcher doing that ANT alone isnt?

Personally I havent heard from commons-launcher before. As you said it
that commons-launcher is a modified copy of ant-launcher. So the best
to ask this would be (IMHO) the user@commons list.

>* Can ANT be used as a launch process for Java 
>processes/daemons without significant problems?

The ant-launcher is implemented in the package oata.launch [1]. It was
as a replacement to the very heavy start scripts (bat,sh...). So it
focused on
Ant's needs.
The launcher [2] does not start any new process - it uses the current
one. So I dont think that you can launch processes/deamons with the
launcher. BUT: maybe a buildfile with <exec>/<java> and fork="true"
would help.

As this is beyond Ant's focus I would not say that there are no
significant problems. But _maybe_ it works ;-)

>* Is there any interest within the ANT community to support this
>use-case natively within ANT?

Mmmh - there was a discussion earlier. The only future I would see is a
base or utility class without any Ant specific stuff in ant-launcher
which could be reused in Ant's own launcher. I think that was the
intention in commons-launcher.

But Ant does not want to depend on a 3rd party library in that core
area. Have in mind: 400+ projects are using Ant for their bootstrapping
just in Gump ... And having a circular dependency between Ant and
commons-launcher is also not a good thing ...



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