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From "Paul Selibas" <>
Subject Jar/Zip Update
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 06:03:06 GMT
Hello all...

I have an apache ant script that is supposed to add a rar file to a
jar file. Its a simple as that but it does not work. I have tried
everything (except the right thing) and i have googled my brains out
and read the archives.

My script is as follows which gives me some sort of result.

<jar destfile="c:/build/Myfile.jar" basedir="" update="yes">
   <zipgroupfileset dir="." includes="${rarfile}" />

This is the closest i get and what it does is unzips the rarfile and
puts each file into the jar file. I want to put the whole rar file in
the Jar. I tries other things such as:

<jar destfile="c:/build/Myfile.jar" basedir="" update="yes"
includes="${rarfile}" />

This does nothing at all... Ant just ignores it with absolutely no
message even in verbose mode.

I am completely lost and frustrated so any information would be
greatly appreciated.

Paul Selibas

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