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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: AW: Using ant as a cross platform java process launcher
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 18:05:26 GMT

--- Rick Moynihan <> wrote:

> Matt Benson wrote:
> > --- Rick Moynihan <> wrote:
> >> I have already made inquiries on the
> >> user/dev@commons lists, and I have 
> >> also tried contacting the project developers
> >> directly.  Unfortunately I 
> >> have had little response, which I why I feel that
> >> perhaps there is some 
> >> interest within the ANT community.  Hence my
> posting
> >> here.
> > I haven't noticed your inquiries, but I follow
> those
> > lists.  I have recently become a Jakarta
> committer,
> > and it is my intention to try to become more
> involved
> > with commons development, especially with regard
> to
> > components forked from Ant (e.g. exec).  So I
> would
> > encourage you to post JIRA issues and nag
> commons-dev
> > for attention.  Launcher is counted among commons
> > proper, but if there is little attention to it
> it's
> > probably considered to be in maintenance mode.
> > 
> > HTH,
> > Matt
> Thanks for responding.  Here's a link to a short
> thread of discussion I 
> started on the commons-dev list.

Sometimes things get missed.  After waiting a
reasonable time with no response, sometimes you have
to ping.  It probably goes something like:

1.  You submit a mail to the list.
2.  Committers look and think "I'm not actively
involved with [launcher], so I'll wait and see if
anyone else picks this up."
3.  Committers probably all forget about it.
4.  You ping the list.
5.  One or more committers puts on his "larger
community" hat and has a look at an unfamiliar
component for the sake of the commons community.

Note that it's a good idea on the commons lists to
preface your subject with the bracket-delimited
component name, e.g. [launcher].  It certainly can't
hurt, and is considered the "right" way to post there.

I'll try to have a look at the JIRA issues for
launcher later this week (extremely busy ATM).

> I am still open to the shepherding process, and the
> nagging etc it 
> entails :).  I have decided to follow the issue up
> here primarily 
> because I wonder why these features could not also
> be part of ANT?  I 
> also think that commons-launcher has a large
> potential community of 
> users within the larger ANT community.
> What does maintenance-mode mean?  I'm guessing it
> means that the bugs 
> against it aren't fixed, but that the source is
> still integrated with 
> Apache's continuous integration/build-system and
> maintained (in so far 
> as ensuring it always builds).  Is this correct?

Actually, "maintenance mode" should mean that bugs are
fixed, but new development is not taking place.  If
bugs are not being addressed that means that no
existing committer has the itch to work on the
components, and that no contributor/user is howling
loudly enough to get attention.  :)


> Thanks again,
> R.

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