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From Douglas McCarroll <>
Subject What is $.. ?
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 20:16:49 GMT
Hi All,

I ran across "$.." in an Ant file and am trying to understand what it 
does. Can't find any documentation. So basic as to not require explanation?

When I run a C:\Projects\build.xml file with this code in it:

   <property name="projects.dir" value="$.." />
   <dirname property="projects.dirname" file="${projects.dir}"/>
   <dirname property="logfiledirname" file="${projects.dir}\AntLog.log"/>
   <echo message="${projects.dir}"/>
   <echo message="${projects.dirname}"/>
   <echo message="${projects.dir}\AntLog.log"/>
   <echo message="${logfiledirname}"/>

I get this:

     [echo] $..
     [echo] c:\Projects
     [echo] $..\AntLog.log
     [echo] c:\Projects\$..

The first three echoes would make sense to me if $.. indicated the 
current directory, but a single dot does that. What's the difference?

The fourth echo doesn't make sense to me at all...


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