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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Bug: waitfor waits too long, too slow
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 09:15:23 GMT
Berglas, Anthony wrote:
> I'm a Turkey.  "dbserver" should be "localhost".  Having looked at all
> sorts of things, including "telnet localhost", I just did not see it.
> There is in fact no machine called dbserver.  It would, of course, be
> nice to get a dnslookup error rather than just hang.  But that is not
> the way that the C-Grade code in operating systems works!  

I'd have expected an nslookup to fail socket must have an 
entry in the hosts table or something.

Ant 1.7 also has a <reachable> test, which tries to ping the remote box.

> If Socket could print some sort of message for timeout vs simply no port
> listener that would be good, but I suspect that it cannot.

I'd have to look at the code. Even if thre is no explicit mention in the 
return code, the fact that it took 30s to answer should tell the calling 
thread that it is timeout related.

this is something that could be added in the future, at the  -verbose 
logging level.

> Thanks for your reply, and sorry to bother you.

no, we like interesting bugs


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