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From prasad kumar <>
Subject RE: tag inside some other tag(cvs)
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 04:57:03 GMT
hi Tanguy,

  from what ur showing in the picture,let us assume 'cvsgui' is module name in HEAD tag.then
i updated the 'cvsgui' module with clean copy option from HEAD tag.ofter getting clean copy
of 'cvsgui',i create the tag(let us assume build_xxx) as follows:
  remote---> create a tag by  module-->tag name-->change from uncheck to check "Overwrite
existing existing tags with the same name"-->click ok
  why iam creating because to maintain all version of files in the particular tag(build_xxx).with
cvs it is possible 'One version of a file can have multiple tags'
  like above.
  then come to ant,with ant i have written code to take fresh checkout
  <target name="checkout" description="Update package from CVS">
          <cvs cvsroot="${cvs.repository}" command="up -d -P" package="${cvs.package}"
dest=".." tag="HEAD"/>
  but from above it  will take fresh checkout with existing(already created) tag.i.e from
  but i require to maintain all version of files in the particular tag(build_xxx) ,ofter creating
the this tag i have to take fresh checkout from this tag(build_xxx).
  is it possible with ant to create new tag to maintain all version of files in the particular
  i think there is no option in ant to create new tag,i chekced the ant docs no option was
  if no option is there in ant,please respond becuase i need to give the report to my superiors
as saying "there is no option in ant to create new tag to maintain all version of files in
the particular tag(build_xxx)?" 
  if any person knows,respond that's a great appreciation

RADEMAKERS Tanguy <> wrote:
  Hello Prasad,

OK, i have checked the WinCvs site, and it seems that WinCvs has a
window (they call it the "browser status window") that shows you which
cvs calls are being made as you use the tool.

In this picture:

it is the window at the bottom of the screen showing the text "cvs -z9
-q" etc etc etc.

Please carry out the *entire* series of cvs operations you wish to
automate with ant (this means start with a checkout), and copy and paste
the contents of this window (as text!) into a mail *directly to me* at
this address. If i can help you, i will, and i will copy the list on the

I am not promising anything! But i will try.


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