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From prasad kumar <>
Subject zip-included files
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:45:31 GMT
  i have to zip the files ofter taking the build,for that one i have used like below
  <zip basedir="${dest1}" destfile="${dest1}\build_xxx\" includes="*.pdf,*.ear,*.xml,*.doc,*.properties,*.rtf"
update="true" >
       <fileset dir="${sources-dir}" includes=""/>
    <fileset dir="${sources-dir}" includes="xxxx.xml"/>
    <zipfileset dir="${dest1}\build_xxx" includes="xxx.pdf" fullpath="${dest1}\build_xxx\xxxxx.pdf"/>
       <zipfileset dir="${dest1}\build_xxx" includes="xxxww.rtf" fullpath="${dest1}\build_xxx\zzzz.rtf"/>
       <fileset dir="${ear-dir}" includes="qqqq.ear"/>
  but my problem is the zip it is including only two files with 30 MB(ear,rtf files) capacity.i
need to include all the files(pdf,properties,xml,ear,rtf ).
  (i think memory limitation is there to zip the files with ant)
  if anybody solve this problem with ant, that's a great appreciation.
  please give me immediate reply, i have been trying last two days.
  prasad kumar

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