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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: tasks for cl,rc,mc
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 13:35:48 GMT
> > Currently , I am using Visuall C++ [...] ANT by using <exec> task
> 1. has a <cc> task that wraps cl, link gcc, etc.
>   "Java Development with Ant" has a chapter on this topic, so find
> someone who has a copy and borrow it (*).

<cc> is very good, but the learning curve is steep. What you get
though is *reliable* incremental builds, which can be invaluable for
large projects, and a cross-platform build.

> 2. the rest you can use <exec> for.

I also used <exec>, to call msdev.exe with .dsp and/or .dsw file, as
Steve mentions in his point #3. See also the /useenv switch to msdev.

> The Ant-contrib <outofdate> Task can be used to add timestamp logic around
> the <execs> :

It's really good. I used it for yacc and lex stuff, around <exec>, and
also around <xslt> stuff (since xslt computes dependencies in a simple
fashion only, not taking <xsl:import>s or multiple document output).
Highly recommended. --DD

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