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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Information on Ant Dependant libraries and compatibility
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 03:10:05 GMT
> Hi,


> I am using ANT (1.6.5) for building and running my project. I could see that
> ant uses xerces parser.  I am also using xerces parser in my code, for which
> I have got my own xerces jar. Finally I can have only one xerces.jar in
> class path.

If you are using Java5+ I think xerces comes with the jdk as well -
Ant ships with xerces for <java5 users

> Also there are lots of ant libraries under lib directory. Do I need to all
> all of them to class path

In general for anyone using ant, we say *DO NOT SET A CLASSPATH
VARIABLE*.  Setting CLASSPATH seems to cause so many problems. For
testing your application use <junit> task with an embedded <classpath>
element - this way you can control your classpath without messing with
environment variables

> Similarly some of 3rd party libraries are using ant tasks that are coming
> with their distribution. So I have decided to keep all this third party
> libraries separately. For that I need following information. I did search on
> net, but couldn't get much info. It will be great, If you can point/give me
> to this info.
> 1. List of 3rd party dependencies that ant has (like xerces...) 2.
> Compatibility among the different versions of Ant 3. Also there are lots of
> ant libraries under lib directory. Do I need to all of them to class path
> for any specific feature?

(these are for the optional tasks - this page is fairly easy to find)

3. Each of the optional tasks tends to ship with an ant-*.jar library
(for example ant-junit.jar - these libraries are interfaces to the
dependent jars eg ant-junit.jar is required for junit).  By default
any jar in ANT_HOME/lib is automatically on your classpath when
running Ant, you don't need to add these to an environment variable
(system wide) classpath


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