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From "Christopher Gardner" <>
Subject Ant 1.6.5 Classloading and JUnit Problem 2
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 12:58:51 GMT
Same code base environment (projects a, b, c, and d) described in the
prior posting "Ant 1.6.5 Classloading and JUnit Problem 1" (ant 1.6.5,
Java 1.5, Windows, eclipse 3.2.2, CruiseControl).

There is a third-party directory at the same level as the individual
project directories.  Each project depends on jars in third-party.
The master build.xml and build-common.xml also live at the same level
as the project directories.

If I run the master build.xml from its location either through
eclipse, CruiseControl, or the command line, all projects build and
test successfully.

If I move the master build.xml and build-common.xml to a new
master-build directory at the same level of the project directories
and adjust the master build.xml basedir accordingly, the compile and
test will work for all but one of the projects.

The failing project will compile and many of the tests will pass, but
at some point during junit testing, a test just hangs.  If I remove
the hanging test and rerun, many of the tests will run, but another
test hangs.  The CPU is still active.  Any ideas as to why just moving
locations (and adjusting location properties) would do this?

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