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From "Christopher Gardner" <>
Subject Ant 1.6.5 Classloading and JUnit Problem 1
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 12:51:27 GMT
I'm having a couple of ant problems that appear to be related to
classloading.  The first problem may be more of a CruiseControl
question, but I'll try this group as well.  I'll describe the second
problem in another posting.

In a Windows environment with Java 1.5, I have a master build.xml file
that orchestrates the build of 4 projects (a, b, c, and d).  There is
also a build-common.xml that each project build.xml imports.
build-common.xml includes common targets, including a test target that
calls junit.  The junit task doesn't override any forking or
classloading defaults.

I call the master build.xml file in 3 ways: command line, eclipse
3.2.2, and CruiseControl.  Note that I configured eclipse 3.2.2 to use
an external ant 1.6.5 on my filesystem.  All three calling methods
successfully run the full build, including the junit target for all

Now, if I set the junit options to be fork="true" and forkmode="once",
calling the master build.xml through the command line and eclipse
works perfectly; calling through cruisecontrol will execute many of
the tests, but other tests fail.  I believe some of the failing tests
work with classes that have static members, but it's still odd that
everything works in 2 of the 3 calling mechanisms.

It seems that there is a classloading issue here.  Any ideas as to
what I'm doing wrong?

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