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From Shailesh Sharma <>
Subject Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 13:07:23 GMT
  I have a "for loop" in one target that iterates through few times and then call my actual
deployment target".
  The problem is that when I accept "n" (i.e NO) as the first selection, the whole build just
comes out of the loop and do not allow me to choose selection for the rest of the files in
the "for loop".
  Please help.
file:/export/bea/Win-splus/SPLUS/QPS/scripts/build.xml:62:  ******* You have choosen not to
continue.  Build aborted by user. *******
  Following is snippet of my build.xml file ...
  <target name="call-first">
          <foreach list="${name.list}" delimiter="," target="call-second" param="sourceappname"
<target name="call-second">
      message="Aceepy either y or n to continue and then press enter"
  <condition property="do.abort">
    <equals arg1="n" arg2="${user.selection}"/>
  <fail if="do.abort"> ******* You have choosen not to continue.  Build aborted by user.
      <java classname="weblogic.Deployer" fork="true" maxmemory="512m" failonerror="true">

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