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From Vishal Vishnoi <>
Subject Re: AW: specifying jvm for running ant tasks
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 13:52:37 GMT
Here's a snippet (from a macrodef and hence @{..}) of what I do when I 
need to exec Ant

          <java classname="" fork="true"
             <arg value="-f"/>
             <arg value="@{antfile}"/>
             <arg value="@{target}"/>
             <sysproperty key="area" value="${area}"/>
             <sysproperty key="team" value="${team}"/>


thomaslarsson wrote:
> Thanks Jan but you misunderstand me.
> Its not java or javac task that I want to specify the java version for. 
> What I want is more similar to spawning a separate process with runs ant
> with a java version that I can specify for each project. 
> I know I can do this with the exec task, perhaps simplest by preparing a
> .bat or .sh file that makes a call to ant on my project, but I am asking for
> tips on a cleaner solution.
> -Thomas

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