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From magisetty obula prasad <>
Subject subant query
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 03:17:34 GMT

I have an application with multiple modules.  I have created a common-build.xml file that
can be used in all the module builds. My main build file invokes subant on all the modules.
noe I can use 2 approaches

1. Set generic ant file to use the same common file in all modules.
            I cant override build targets in my modules
2. Use ant file and create a build file in each module dir
            I need to create a build file in each directory and include common build file
even I am not changing the target behaviour 

now my question is, is there a task defined, which gives the benifit of both, that is
       Use generic build file if specific one is not found
       if specific file is found then include the generic file in specific file(because, i
may be overriding only few targets)

:) am I asking too much

Thanks and Regards
Obula Prasad

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