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From lightbulb432 <>
Subject Re: Open database connection from Ant
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 20:43:52 GMT

Sounds interesting, but how can I do this with Ant? Beginner, remember...? 

Steve Loughran wrote:
> lightbulb432 wrote:
>> I should have changed my question from "open a connection to a database"
>> to
>> "start the database server"...that seems more like it.
>> lightbulb432 wrote:
>>> How can I open a connection to a database from Ant? I have an Ant build
>>> that builds and deploys an EAR file to an application server, but then I
>>> have to separately start up the database server (MySQL) from the command
>>> line the first time I deploy my app after restarting my computer.
>>> Is there a way to start the database server (but only if it isn't
>>> already
>>> running) from within Ant?
>>> Thanks.
> there's a big difference here with platform.
> win32 you can run a NET START mysqld , but be warned that if you set 
> failonerror=true you get an error back if the service was already 
> running. the SC command may be better.
> Linux, well, whoever is root can run /etc/init.d/mysqld start, or you 
> use <exec> to set up the database. If the port is already in use mysqld 
> doesnt run.
> I am currently fixing up the smartfrog component to bring up mysqld on 
> linux; it is surprisingly hard to do it robustly, in a way that can be 
> admined and shut down properly, *while not root*. A normal mysql 
> installation is all set to run from root, so I have to override it all 
> and set everything up so that the pid gets saved somewhere for the other 
> apps to remember. Even on Java5 and 6, there's no obvious way to get a 
> PID back from a running process. Anyway, its coming together and should 
> be in the next release, along with the stuff to run jboss.
> You may want to look at cargo,, to see what they have 
> for db setup.
> rereading your post, it looks like you just want mysqld to come up on 
> restart. If this is windows, make the service automatic in the computer 
> manager console, on linux add the symlink to start mysqld in runlevel 5, 
> stop it on the way out, or use your distro's gui tools to do this for you.
> -steve
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