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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: FTP for Japanese file names
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2007 04:34:28 GMT
Hello Sann,

On Feb 9, 2007, at 10:54 PM, Sann Maung wrote:
> I am using FTP task to transfer the files using ant.
> Under normal circumstances, it is working fine.
> However, if the filenames are in Japanese characters,
> (eg. Kanji) then it becomes an error and the file
> transfer cannot continue.
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <project name="transferPut" basedir="." default="ftp">
> <target name="ftp">
>  <ftp server="xxx"
>   userid="yyy"
>   password="abcd"
>   action="get"
>   remotedir="/somedir/"
>   newer="true"
>   timediffauto="true"
>   preservelastmodified="true">
>   <fileset dir="../jpnGet/get/">
>    <include name="download/**/**"/>
>   </fileset>
>  </ftp>
> </target>
> </project>


do you mean that your build.xml file contains really some kanjis, for  
instance in the remotedir attribute ? or have some of the files which  
are under somedir and which match download/**/** japanese names ?

It would be interesting if you could download both the sources of ant  
and the sources of commons-net and debug that to find out what is  
going wrong.

In theory everything Java supports all languages, but between theory  
and practice ...

> I thought that kanji needs UTF-16, so I tried to
> change the encoding to UTF-16. It causes another
> error. Looks like I am not allowed to define in
> build.xml file as encoding UTF-16.
I do not think that the encoding of your build file is the problem,  
and the encoding of the build file does not affect how ant and the  
libraries used by ant such as commons-net work.
So you can stick to UTF-8.
> I am not sure. Can anybody suggest a way to do it?
Best regards,


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