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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: How to compile jsp files with ANT
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 17:46:24 GMT
Rashmi Rubdi wrote:
>> With an httpunit run straight after deployment, you can hit every single 
>> JSP page in turn -on the production machine-. This gets the preload hit 
>> out the way, and helps test the live system is working.
> Ah ok, now I get it. Sorry my brain is a little slow.
> I guess this process would also generate the JSP class files and then, when I package
the WAR I would just 
> package the class files and thus skip the Jasper step. 
> But, I don't think running HttpUnit instead of Jasper would solve the compatibility issue
(sorry if I'm wrong here, it's just a guess) , however since HttpUnit also serves to test
the overall application in addition to generating a list of compiled classes so I guess it's
better than using Jasper alone.

It completely bypasses jasper, because httpunit fetches the pages from 
the remote server. As long as hitting those pages doesnt have any side 
effects (shutting down the oil refinery, redirecting planes. etc), it 
gives you testing and jsp compiles in one go.

> I have the "Java Development with Ant - Manning" book but I got it a long time ago, it
covers the basics - I'm in the middle of chapter 4 of the book, and it's been written very
well. I was able to understand the basics of Ant and write a build script all by myself, I'll
take a look at "Ant in Action" soon.

ok, you need to fast forward to chapter 12, and ignore the bit where it 
tells you how to use <jspc>.  that bit has been cut from the sequel for 
that very reason.

> Thanks for explaining the details.
> -Regards
> Rashmi

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