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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Eclipse, and and <import>
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 13:55:55 GMT

I've been playing with Ant under netbeans and eclipse this weekend, as 
the final bit of work for the forthcoming Ant in Action book.

Netbeans 6.0m6 is pretty nice, ant1.7.0 is in there already, etc,etc. 
But eclipse, well, it seems to have problems with build files that use 

It seems to me that once you create an eclipse project from an existing 
build file, it copies over your build.xml to its workspace, and when it 
runs, <import> doesnt pick up any imported files, as the build file has 
been moved -even though in the run the basedir property is set to the 
original base dir.

Who else has encountered this? Is it a serious problem?

If it is, I could probably put a patch in to Ant1.7.1 to make it 
possible to include basedir relative filename lookup during imports, 
something like basedir attribute which takes values of "first", "last", 
"only", "never", and the task would look in basedir/ for the file first, 
last only or never. With a default of last, all existing build files 
would work under eclipse.

If its not that serious a problem, I wont bother with this, but if it is 
an issue, then we can certainly tweak ant so it runs under eclipse better


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