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From Wayne Cannon <>
Subject Re: Python implementation for Ant
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 17:54:25 GMT
Just to add a third-party opinion from a neophyte Ant user experienced 
in make and other build systems:

I appreciated the declarative, as opposed to procedural, nature of Ant.  
The procedural nature of traditional build tools (scripts, make, etc.) 
is the very reason they become so fragile with complex projects.  XML is 
verbose, but it works well for a declarative definition.  Sure, there is 
a need for some procedural steps, but I feel that more would be lost 
than gained were a procedural language used for the overall structure.  
It would nice if there were a standard, supported, widely-used 
declarative language without all of the verbosity of XML (I have no 
problem with the traditional "keyword {...}" syntax); but, alas, there 


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