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From "Res Pons" <>
Subject Another Oddity with Anthill OS
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2007 23:25:18 GMT
I'm testing a dummy project which checks out a basic simple project out of 
Subversion and echoes bunch of paths.  The purpose of this project is to see 
if I can force loading different property fiels at the command line via 
Anthill. Basically, I would like to use the same project 3x but each time 
tell Anthill to load a different prop.file from a different location.  This 
works nicely and fine at the command line by executing

cd scripts
ant -propertyfile path/path/

and I don't specify -property file, the in c:\ is 
automatically used.  But this doesn't work in anthill unless I force two 
lines in the "Parameters to be passed to Ant during the build process."  
field in the project property sheet: -propertyfile c:\scripts\common\ 
delete ant -propertyfile common\ delete

If I omit the 2nd line starting with ant, anthill crashes and worn't work.

My project in svn has 3 fiels in it:

/scripts which has the subfolder common, and build.xml and version.txt

-common (subfolder) which has

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