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From <>
Subject AW: Trying to convert a path reference to use as a fileset for packaging jars in an ear
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 09:13:01 GMT
>>> I use
>>> <path id="projectSpecificLibs" >
>>> ...
>>> </path>
>>> which is composed of various filelists and filesets 
>referencing jars 
>>> used to build my application. I use this refid 
>>> as part of my classpath.
>>> I want to be able to use this same list when packaging my EAR file 
>>> using the <ear> task, but it does not accept a path 
>structure and when
>>> I reference the refid as a fileset it tells me that it is not a
>> fileset.
>>> Is there a way to convert my path id so I can then use it 
>to package 
>>> the jar files in my EAR?
>You could use <copypath> in ant1.7, or the resource stuff. One 
>thing you 
>need to do w/ EAR files is to flatten the copy if they come from a dir 
>tree, as you normally want all the JAR files in the root of the EAR. 
>that is, unless you are doing complex things with JAR manifests, 
>persist.xml and the like

<copypath> is deprecated in favor to <copy>'s resource collection
Also it is not described in the manual (its only mapped in


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