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From "Rebo, Alex" <>
Subject RE: Invoking a target (Ant 1.7) in a loop (Ant-Contrib)
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 17:57:03 GMT
> 1. it's resource aware,but only file resources work; 

Should I use this as a blessing to go ahead with The BIG Loop? 
Look, Steve, at this point ( just started with Ant) I can't express an
educated opinion
and parasiting on other's source. 

> Well, I already expressed my concerns regarding "Working with Resources"
> Ch. 5 as well as coverage provided by the manual. 

> what, not enough detail?

Indeed. O'Reilly's "Ant" is a good reference 
(except contrib, which was intentionally omitted; not clear "why", however; 
it deserved an "honorable mention" at least). 

And supplements manual (that tells a lot about the manual itself: 
if you need 300 extra pages to explain the subject maybe smth is missing
from the original 

But both fall short of providing a  "logical path". 
Just by looking at the class name I can get a feeling of what I might expect
that class to do. 
Most likely, I don't work with Ant long enough to "grow" such sense. 
That is what I'm expecting from a book.  
>From the book "Smth in Action" (Ant in your case) I hope to get examples of
usage. Smth that only an expert can come up with. Look, for me, as for
many-many others, 
Ant is an essential nuisance. My goal is to build application that works,
not the tool that
builds my application, leaving alone fighting that tool. 
After Ch. 5 (and that is what I've got so far) I do not have a feeling that
resources are in my
toolbox. And that is exactly the concern I tried to express. 

> The only thing that does use it reliably appears to be <copy>, which is 
> where I look at it, in the context of working inside zip files.
Copy is fine. And the example is good. It's the number of the examples that
worries me.
Different copies exploring different sides and types of resources. "Copy in

Hope I didn't "step on your toe".

Very best,

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