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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Using Classpath as copy Source
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2007 02:40:18 GMT
In Ant 1.7.0 <copy> can use any resource collection,
including a <path>, as its source.  In the manual's
"Concepts and Types" section, look for "Resources".


--- Michael Franz <> wrote:

> I have been searching for an answer to this for a
> few days and have not
> found the solution.  I would think it is easy (I
> hope it is) and I have just
> missed the solution.
> What I want to do is copy every jar that is on my
> classpath into a
> directory.  From my understanding copy does not work
> with paths, so how can
> I convert the path into a fileset or some other
> structure that copy will
> understand?  One thing to note is that the jars are
> in different directories
> and the full paths are specified in the classpath.
> What I want is something like this.
> classpath=c:\library1\a.jar;c:\library2\b.jar
> <copy todir="${my.lib.dir}" flatten="yes">
>  <fileset ... convert my path to work/>
> </copy>
> I have tried using pathconvert, but I don't know how
> that will help.  The
> other problem with the fileset and filelist is that
> they require a dir
> attribute, but since there is not specific dir the
> value is useless.
> What I ended up doing is using beanshell to iterate
> over my path and copy
> the files individually, but I would like to use
> something simpler (if it
> exists).
> Thanks
> Michael

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