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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: Using antcall but not re-running dependent targets
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2007 07:17:17 GMT
At 09:49 PM 1/20/2007, you wrote:
 >Jacob Kjome:
 >> I added my own twist on it and made dependency
 >> following configurable (follows dependencies by
 >> default if not specified) along with optional
 >> "if" and "unless" attributes.  Actually, all the
 >> attributes are optional, even "target".  If
 >> "target" is either not defined or defined but
 >> doesn't exist in the build file, no action is
 >> performed instead of failing the build.  I
 >> intentionally made it very lenient to meet the
 >> needs of my project.  Note that this also avoids
 >> creating a whole separate Ant context like <ant>,
 >> <subant>, and <antcall> do, so properties created
 >> by the called target will continue to exist after
 >> it is called.  Here's my version.  I hope you find it useful...
 >Cool, that seems useful.  Luckily, the project bundles js.jar anyway so
 >it need not be downloaded by users compiling.  I wonder why there’s no
 >build-in task to do this?
 >BTW is there anything other than js.jar that I need to put on the
 >classpath so that it will work?  Ant gives me the “Could not create task
 >or type of type: scriptdef” error.  I also put bsf.jar on the classpath
 >and still get the error.

Versions matter.  I have BSF-2.3.0.jar and 
js-1.5R3.jar in ${user.home}/.ant/lib.  Using a 
later version of js.jar with BSF-2.3.0 won't 
work.  If you want to use a newer version of 
javascript, then upgrade to BSF-2.4.0 and grab 
the latest js.jar.  Of course, BSF-2.4.0 has a 
new dependency on commons-logging.jar, so you'll 
need to have that in .ant/lib as well.  And if 
you care about the logging, this would require a 
logging implementation to be available where 
commons-logging can see it, such as JDK14+ 
logging or putting something like Log4j.jar in 
.ant/lib as well.  Why they added the 
commons-logging dependency is beyond me!!!

If BSF becomes a standard extension, then 
commons-logging needs to become a standard 
extension, which requires your preferred logging 
implementation to be a standard extension, which 
really sucks because now the only option to 
perform logging separation is to, at least in 
Log4j's case, install a custom repository 
selector (which can be problematic and is 
understood by very few out there).  I'm sticking 
with the older BSF-2.3.0 until they realize what 
a terrible decision they made and release a new 
BSF version without a commons-logging dependency 
(hint, hint, hint BSF developers!!!!).


 >Cameron McCormack,
 >  â­ª  ICQ 26955922  â­ª  MSN

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