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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Invoking a target (Ant 1.7) in a loop (Ant-Contrib)
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 10:02:08 GMT
Rebo, Alex wrote:

> Indeed. O'Reilly's "Ant" is a good reference 
> (except contrib, which was intentionally omitted; not clear "why", however; 
> it deserved an "honorable mention" at least). 
> And supplements manual (that tells a lot about the manual itself: 
> if you need 300 extra pages to explain the subject maybe smth is missing
> from the original 
> documentation). 

1. I think the ORA book is fairly simplistic. I also find it suspicious 
that the author didnt file any bugreps.

> But both fall short of providing a  "logical path". 
> Just by looking at the class name I can get a feeling of what I might expect
> that class to do. 
> Most likely, I don't work with Ant long enough to "grow" such sense. 
> That is what I'm expecting from a book.  
> From the book "Smth in Action" (Ant in your case) I hope to get examples of
> non-trivial
> usage. Smth that only an expert can come up with. Look, for me, as for
> many-many others, 
> Ant is an essential nuisance. My goal is to build application that works,
> not the tool that
> builds my application, leaving alone fighting that tool. 
> After Ch. 5 (and that is what I've got so far) I do not have a feeling that
> resources are in my
> toolbox. And that is exactly the concern I tried to express. 


One of the problems w/ a book is where do you stop. I do go into a lot 
more detail in applied stuff later on -webapps, ant-contrib, ivy, java 
ee, etc. then thereis about 80 pages on tasks. But the publishers get 
frantic when a book about a build tool starts looking at 700 pages long. 
Already I've had to pull all coverage on

  -using xdoclet to create JSP taglibs
  -using cargo to deploy
  -xml logger
  -the maven2 tasks as an alternative to ivy
  -building and testing hibernate

If you look through the examples (I cut a source release for you on BTW) you can see the extra examples that 
arent there.

After the book comes out, up on the web site will go the cut content; it 
wont have production grade editing, but it will be there. I will see 
about adding more on resources then, as we stabilise its use.

That's one of the problems with resources as they stand right now; they 
are there but not widely used enough not only for me to talk about, but 
to actually show best/worst practises. Nobody knows yet. It took ant's 
<import> stuff a whole iteration to get fully understood, and we even 
had to change the override policies to make it work properly. I do talk 
about <import>. But resources, no, not yet.



>> The only thing that does use it reliably appears to be <copy>, which is 
>> where I look at it, in the context of working inside zip files.
> Copy is fine. And the example is good. It's the number of the examples that
> worries me.
> Different copies exploring different sides and types of resources. "Copy in
> Actions".

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