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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: document() function on missing file
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 10:32:26 GMT
Jonathan Marsh wrote:
>> I dont think anything has deliberately been changed. If there is a
>> difference between the 1.6.5 behaviour and the 1.7.0 behaviour, it 
>> probably consitutes a regression.
>> You may be seeing differences between XSLT engines. Make sure you are 
>> using xalan and not java1.5 xsltc
>> -steve
> How can I check that I'm using xalan?  

do an ant -diagnostics and post the trace here. Not to me, to the 
mailing list.

> My ant file has nothing
> processor-specific in it (no "processor", no "classpath"), so I assume I'm
> using the default (Xalan).  I haven't done anything else esoteric like
> installed other processors on my classpath (unless the oXygen plug in has
> done it for me...)

If you are using Java5, and unless you have a copy of xalan.jar in your 
antlib, you get xltc. Ant does not redistribute xalan by default.

> Seems like a regression to me, in that I used Ant 1.6.5 out of the box, and
> more recently have been using a 1.7.0 alpha build with no problem.  If I
> switch the Ant Home to the alpha build it still works, but when I point it
> at the 1.7.0 final build it breaks.  Nothing else has been changed.

well, lets see that you are running xalan proper before we start 
worrying about regressions.


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