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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject Trouble executing a beanshell script
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:36:56 GMT

I was trying to execute a simple beanshell script from within my ant 
script (I tried using an example found in the documentation):

    <script language="beanshell">
dir="/home/sfloess/development/jplate/environment/lib" includes="*.
jar" />
        System.out.println("Hello world");

If I run Ant with "-lib 
/home/sfloess/development/jplate/environment/lib" command line option, I 
see the System.out.println() executed as I would expect.

However, if I do not use the -lib option, I get:  
"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:  org/apache/bsf/BSFException" error.  I 
assumed the classpath element would take care of this...but to no avail.

My lib dir contains bsf.jar and bsh-2.0b4.jar

Again, if I use the -lib command line param everything works fine.

Thanks ahead of time...


Scot P. Floess
27 Lake Royale
Louisburg, NC  27549

252-478-8087 (Home)
919-754-4592 (Work)

Chief Architect JPlate
Chief Architect JavaPIM

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