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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: document() function on missing file
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 11:17:48 GMT
Jonathan Marsh wrote:
> I have been using the xslt task to merge information residing in a set of
> files (WSDL 2.0 test results [1]) into a single summary file.  Using the
> 1.7.0 alpha build, the document function would return an empty node-set if
> the URL given it was unresolvable.  In the final 1.7.0 build, this causes a
> fatal error.
> Is this a bug, or a feature?  Is there an easy way to work around this
> (without for instance swapping out the default xslt processor?)
> The XSLT spec says that the document function can present a warning in this
> case, or it may fall-back to the empty node-set.  I don't think a fatal
> error qualifies very well as either.
> This change of behavior breaks my build, but I want to upgrade to 1.7.0
> because (a) the WSDL test suite is a public resource and I would like it to
> build on the latest and greatest and build.  (b) we relied on some schema
> validation improvements in the 1.7.0 alpha, but I don't want to require an
> alpha build for a long-term public resource like this, and (3) I just
> discovered the new filenameparameter attribute which is invaluable for
> cross-linking the various components being displayed.

I dont think anything has deliberately been changed. If there is a 
difference between the 1.6.5 behaviour and the 1.7.0 behaviour, it 
probably consitutes a regression.

You may be seeing differences between XSLT engines. Make sure you are 
using xalan and not java1.5 xsltc


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