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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: <xmlproperty> intra-element attribute property resolution issue
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 01:26:23 GMT
At 04:54 AM 1/24/2007, you wrote:
 >Jacob Kjome wrote:
 >> I see your point.  Even if the functionality was something you would
 >> support, I'm not sure there's anyone willing to put in the time to
 >> figure it out.  But you never know.  Like I said before, it could be an
 >> option.  So, if someone actually did the work, and it passed rigorous
 >> testing, the functionality could be disabled by default and only enabled
 >> explicitly, just like some of the other options of XMLProperty.
 >I'm not sure that I'd put it in xmlproperty. Its more a general purpose
 >XML to XML transform; something you'd use to manipulate graphs before
 >something like xmlproperty or XSL handles it; something that would have
 >a life outside ant.

You mean like transforming attributes to elements, in the desired 
order or resolving the property values and placing these resolved 
values into the attributes of the same names in the transformed document?

 >For example the CDL langauge I discussed is for configuring big systems,
 >and if you look at that microsoft proposed System Modeling langauge,
 >they have some (limited) xref stuff.
 >> Anyway, it was a good discussion and helped fetter out bugs in AntUnit.
 >> BTW, any progress on that?
 >the bug is filed :)

With action soon, I hope.  Too bad it was already released as 
1.0.  This deficiency makes it useless, IMO.


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