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From <>
Subject AW: FTP "Depends" option for size as well as date?
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 08:32:50 GMT
>I lost you.  Are you saying that if I change the timestamp 
>locally, it will re-upload?  

<ftp> does a timestamp check. Only newer files are uploaded by default
("depends" or "newer" attribute).
If you "touch" a local file <ftp> will upload it, because it is now
newer than the one on the server.

>I don't understand where the hash 
>comes into play.  If I change the date, it's going to upload 
>anyway.  Does <modified> somehow compare MD5 hash of the file 
>on the server to the MD5 hash of the file locally?

<modified> computes a hashvalue by the files content and creates a 
local store of these values (absoluteFileName-HashValue hashtable).
It selects only files with a different hashvalue than stored. So the
timestamp is irrelevant.
I wrote that while I played with Apache Forrest (0.2 on that time) 
and my html pages were re-generated each time ...

>If that is 
>the case and the upload breaks, shouldn't it catch it as a 
>non-equal hash the next time I run the ant script?

You could only delete the local cache ... and reload all.
Or you're investigating brain power and
- get the filename which failed
- delete the entry from the local store (property file)

>The problem is that it takes up to 6 hours to upload 
>everything for a single project.  I only want to upload what 
>needs to be uploaded.  I could do a "touch" of all the files 
>locally and force upload of everything to guarantee that all 
>the files are valid.  But re-uploading 6 hours each time is 
>just not practical when perhaps 95% of the files are still good.

I thought the same while writing <modified> ....

>I'm a java programmer.  I'm willing to modify the ftp task to 
>meet my needs if it's not a huge task.  I just don't have the 
>bandwidth to dive into a major undertaking, though.  How easy 
>would it be to modify the ftp task source?

Don't know ... have a look at the source ;-)
and ....

patches are welcome (with test+docs)


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