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From "Bailey, David" <>
Subject uptodate
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 00:04:37 GMT
This seems like a problem which must have a very simple solution, but I
can't find it.


A single XML file is used to generate a large number of HTML files.  And
I actually have nearly 100 such XML files.  These XML files rarely
change, so I'd like to save time by using <uptodate> to only regenerate
the HTML when necessary.  However, I can't figure out the correct way to
define a mapper.


I'm trying to use the following construct:


<target name="gen_html" depends="check_html" unless="html_uptodate">

            . . .



<target name="check_html">

            <uptodate property="html_uptodate"


                        <mapper . . . />




Looking at my choices of available mappers, none seem to do what I want.
I have attempted variants of the globmapper such as


<globmapper from="." to="${htmldir}/*.html" />


 . . . but it seems that globmappers don't work unless you include a *
in the 'from' attribute.  I thought I would get it with the following
regexp mapper:


<regexpmapper from="\.*" to="${htmldir}/*.html" />


 . . . but frustratingly, the regexpmapper interprets '*.html'
literally, rather than interpolating the * as a wild card.  In fact, my
experimentation indicates that the only regexp interpolation which
occurs in the 'to' attribute is \1, \2, etc.  Similarly, if I abandon
the <mapper> altogether and instead use the targetfile attribute, such
as 'targetfile="${htmldir}/*.html"', the * is interpreted literally.


Obviously I can write my own mapper, but I can't believe there isn't a
solution out there with the tasks already available.  Am I overlooking




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