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From "Michael Giroux" <>
Subject Need information about using Eclipse AntRunner
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 13:15:21 GMT
I have an ANT script that includes a <junitreport> task.  The
<junitreport> task uses an XSLT to transform junit reports (xml files)
into HTML.  The xslt uses string extensions to convert newline
characters into <br> tags.

When the script is executed using the Eclipse AntRunner (eclipse
3.2.1), it appears that the extension library for strings is not
found, and the generated HTML does not get the desired <br> tags.
Worse, this happens silently, so I have no evidence that this is
actually the case, or if the string extensions are broken.

I suspect that the extension library is not being included in the
classpath, but not sure how to prove that.

If anyone has successfully used Eclipse AntRunner with <junitreport>
or any other task that needs extension libraries, can you tell me if
there is any additional configuration requirements to make this work?

FWIW, I asked this on the eclipse newsgroup and have not seen an
answer, so I'm guessing that nobody over there knows the answer.  I
was hoping that someone with ANT expertise was also familiar with
Eclipse AntRunner and might help here.


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