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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: please update the next release of Ant 1.7 to Xerces 2.9.0
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 10:14:17 GMT
Jacob Kjome wrote:
> Quoting Steve Loughran <>:
>> Jacob Kjome wrote:
>>> Since this missed the 1.7.0 release, here's a friendly reminder to put
>>> it on the agenda for the 1.7.1 release.  I'm a little curious why this
>>> didn't make it?  It fixed a lot of bugs and finally included a proper
>>> official release of xml-commons-external (xml-apis-1.3.04.jar) and
>>> included much improved (and shared) serializer code, in serializer.jar,
>>> maintained by the Xalan team, not to mention the new
>>> xml-commons-resolver release.  There's a lot to love, but not enough to
>>> get included in Ant-1.7.0, I guess.
>>> Jake
>> Oh, we love xerces, and have been shipping it for a long time. It
>> eliminates nearly all XML-parser related support calls.
>> We've been working to get a stable release together for a while and
>> opted to minimise late changes of any kind, as it would force another
>> beta cycle.
>> One thing we have learned is that a lot of people avoid the beta
>> releases and only d/l the release versions, so tne 1.7.0 release will
>> get tested in more complex builds and aberrant system configurations
>> than the normal developer & beta test teams do. Which invariably forces
>> us to to do a 1.7.1 release within two or three months. This is the
>> release where we will gladly roll out Xerces 2.9 and matching APIs.
> Makes sense.

We've just upgraded in SVN_HEAD, BTW.

>> Incidentally, does xerces now depend on this serializer.jar? That is,
>> does it need to be included in the distro? Or are its classes merged
>> into xerces and xalan? These are the kind of thing we need to understand
>> before we ship
> No, there's no dependency in Xerces.  It's loaded via reflection by Xerces.  But
> they have deprecated their native serializer classes in favor of the shared one
> provided by the Xalan team.  If serializer.jar is in the path, it will be used.
>  If not, the deprecated Xerces native serialization will be used (assuming one
> isn't directly referencing the Xerces native serializer API rather than
> properly using the interfaces, such as JAXP or DOM3LS).  I'm not clear on
> whether the same will be true for the next Xalan release (2.7.1, I think [1])? 
> They may actually depend directly on serializer.jar (or maybe they'll
> incorporate it within xalan.jar?).  I guess we'll find out when they make the
> release official.
> Jake
> [1]

OK. So we ought to hold off to see what xalan does. if they build it in, 
it should be the only copy on the classpath to avoid version problems


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