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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: please update the next release of Ant 1.7 to Xerces 2.9.0
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:07:56 GMT
Jacob Kjome wrote:
> Since this missed the 1.7.0 release, here's a friendly reminder to put 
> it on the agenda for the 1.7.1 release.  I'm a little curious why this 
> didn't make it?  It fixed a lot of bugs and finally included a proper 
> official release of xml-commons-external (xml-apis-1.3.04.jar) and 
> included much improved (and shared) serializer code, in serializer.jar, 
> maintained by the Xalan team, not to mention the new 
> xml-commons-resolver release.  There's a lot to love, but not enough to 
> get included in Ant-1.7.0, I guess.
> Jake

Oh, we love xerces, and have been shipping it for a long time. It 
eliminates nearly all XML-parser related support calls.

We've been working to get a stable release together for a while and 
opted to minimise late changes of any kind, as it would force another 
beta cycle.

One thing we have learned is that a lot of people avoid the beta 
releases and only d/l the release versions, so tne 1.7.0 release will 
get tested in more complex builds and aberrant system configurations 
than the normal developer & beta test teams do. Which invariably forces 
us to to do a 1.7.1 release within two or three months. This is the 
release where we will gladly roll out Xerces 2.9 and matching APIs.

Incidentally, does xerces now depend on this serializer.jar? That is, 
does it need to be included in the distro? Or are its classes merged 
into xerces and xalan? These are the kind of thing we need to understand 
before we ship


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