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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject Re: OutofMemoryError during compile target
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 17:07:08 GMT
Is your file system full by chance?

I can't seem to locate the arguments to increase memory for javac...  If 
I can find them I will reply back

Kenneth Litwak wrote:
>   I don't know if this is related as such to ant, but I use ant to build
> projects, so I'm posting here in case anyone has a suggestion. =20
>    I have been building an application using ant on jdk 1.4.2 for about
> 2.5 years. No problem. Today I'm getting the error during compilation
> [javac] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
>    I compiled just yesterday afternoon and did not get this error.
> Here's what I did differently.
> 1. The application requires several jar files that it takes from a
> repository.
> 2. Two of the jar files it needs, however, go into a lib directory of
> the web app I'm trying to build.
> 3. I modified a properties file so that the application would get the
> two jars from the same repository as everything else. Then, I'm simply
> doing ant clean compile war
>     This shows me messages that jar files, including the two problem jar
> files, are fetched. However, the jar file that has the first problem
> during compilation is 47K in the repository but only about 900 bytes in
> the lib directory of the application.
>      Examining the memory of the Linux server that the compile is
> running on, there appears to be nothing significant using memory, and as
> I said, I've been able to do the same compilation for over two years
> without a problem. What might be going on? It's not just an issue of
> using compiler flags for more memory (and exactly how to pass those to
> the ant command I haven't figured out). Any suggestions? We're all stuck
> on this.=20
>   The error happens during the compile step:
> <target name=3D"compile" depends=3D"init">
>         <mkdir dir=3D"${build.dir}/classes"/>
>       <javac srcdir=3D"${src.dir}"
>            destdir=3D"${build.dir}/classes"
>             debug=3D"${compile.debug}"
>         deprecation=3D"${compile.deprecation}"
>           optimize=3D"${compile.optimize}">
>          <classpath refid=3D"project.classpath"/>
>         </javac>
>     </target>
> The compile output identifies the "optimize" line as where the error is
> but I assume that this is just the end of the compile command. =20
>   Does anyone have a suggestion for what I might try to figure out how
> to resolve or figure out this sudden, new problem on a process that has
> been working fine?=20
>   Also, if I wanted to try to specify more memory during the compile,
> though I'm doubtful it will, help, how would I specify that for ant? I
> know how to do it for a straightforward compile with javac.  Thanks.
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