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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Need information about using Eclipse AntRunner
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 14:08:57 GMT
Michael Giroux wrote:
> I have an ANT script that includes a <junitreport> task.  The
> <junitreport> task uses an XSLT to transform junit reports (xml files)
> into HTML.  The xslt uses string extensions to convert newline
> characters into <br> tags.
> When the script is executed using the Eclipse AntRunner (eclipse
> 3.2.1), it appears that the extension library for strings is not
> found, and the generated HTML does not get the desired <br> tags.
> Worse, this happens silently, so I have no evidence that this is
> actually the case, or if the string extensions are broken.
> I suspect that the extension library is not being included in the
> classpath, but not sure how to prove that.
> If anyone has successfully used Eclipse AntRunner with <junitreport>
> or any other task that needs extension libraries, can you tell me if
> there is any additional configuration requirements to make this work?
> FWIW, I asked this on the eclipse newsgroup and have not seen an
> answer, so I'm guessing that nobody over there knows the answer.  I
> was hoping that someone with ANT expertise was also familiar with
> Eclipse AntRunner and might help here.

Could be they are using a different XSLT engine than xerces, even if 
xerces is on the classpath. All those java endorsed directories and 

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