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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: <xslt> Many Input xml for one html output.
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 14:55:39 GMT
> >Eh guys, what about the <?xml> declarations??? AFAIK, you
> >can't have those in the middle of the file, can you? OK, I'm
> >just grumpy because I didn't think of it myself! ;-)

> as long as you dont parse that the declaration and PIs dont matter ;-)

I believe <?xml> is a special PI. Anything with xml in its name is reserved
in XML documents, and you can't have this special PI in the middle.

> So could use regexp-filterchains for extracting/deleting them?


> >But seriously, I think Ant would be more useful if we allowed
> >custom SAX sources in <xslt>, to allow merging XML files like
> >in this use case, or allow processing HTML files in XML by
> >first normalizing it to XML using tag-soup, or allow
> >processing any file for which there's a parser that can output
> >SAX events. --DD
> mmmh  .... SAX events as <resource>?

No, not that simple. A custom type that can implement a

I didn't say it'd be easy, I said it would be useful ;-) --DD

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