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From "Kenneth Litwak" <>
Subject OutofMemoryError during compile target
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:58:35 GMT
  I don't know if this is related as such to ant, but I use ant to build
projects, so I'm posting here in case anyone has a suggestion. =20

   I have been building an application using ant on jdk 1.4.2 for about
2.5 years. No problem. Today I'm getting the error during compilation

[javac] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

   I compiled just yesterday afternoon and did not get this error.
Here's what I did differently.
1. The application requires several jar files that it takes from a
2. Two of the jar files it needs, however, go into a lib directory of
the web app I'm trying to build.
3. I modified a properties file so that the application would get the
two jars from the same repository as everything else. Then, I'm simply
doing ant clean compile war

    This shows me messages that jar files, including the two problem jar
files, are fetched. However, the jar file that has the first problem
during compilation is 47K in the repository but only about 900 bytes in
the lib directory of the application.

     Examining the memory of the Linux server that the compile is
running on, there appears to be nothing significant using memory, and as
I said, I've been able to do the same compilation for over two years
without a problem. What might be going on? It's not just an issue of
using compiler flags for more memory (and exactly how to pass those to
the ant command I haven't figured out). Any suggestions? We're all stuck
on this.=20

  The error happens during the compile step:
<target name=3D"compile" depends=3D"init">
        <mkdir dir=3D"${build.dir}/classes"/>
      <javac srcdir=3D"${src.dir}"
         <classpath refid=3D"project.classpath"/>
The compile output identifies the "optimize" line as where the error is
but I assume that this is just the end of the compile command. =20

  Does anyone have a suggestion for what I might try to figure out how
to resolve or figure out this sudden, new problem on a process that has
been working fine?=20

  Also, if I wanted to try to specify more memory during the compile,
though I'm doubtful it will, help, how would I specify that for ant? I
know how to do it for a straightforward compile with javac.  Thanks.

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