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From Elaine Fortin <>
Subject Ant exec find -exec problem
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 19:20:34 GMT
I am trying to create an Ant script to move files that are 10 days old to a 
backup directory.
I cannot find how to do this purely in Ant, but I know that the Unix 'find' 

Ant returns the error: "[exec] /bin/find: incomplete statement"

when I issue the following:
     	    <exec executable="find">
      		    <arg line="find ./feeds -name myFilename* -mtime +10 -exec mv 
'{}' ./feeds_backup \; "/>

This command works fine when issued from a Unix shell:
  find ./feeds -name myFilename* -mtime +10 -exec mv '{}' ./feeds_backup \;

How can I make this work?


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