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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: How do I use ejbDeploy outside of RAD
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 15:56:31 GMT
Branden Kolb wrote:
> I have recently written a build script using Ant for one of our projects 
> that is run from within RAD.  One of the targets uses the <ejbDeploy> task 
> in the following manner:
>                 <ejbDeploy EJBProject="<project_name>" IgnoreErrors="true"
> />
> I want to be able to run the Ant script from a DOS window.  However, when 
> I do, and it gets to the ejbDeploy task, I get the following:
> C:Build\Build.xml:37: The following error occurred while executing this 
> line:
> C:Build\Build.xml:26: The following error occurred while executing this 
> line:
> C:\workspace\build_standalone.xml:344: Could not create task or type of 
> type: ejbDeploy.
> Can someone tell me if it's possible to use the ejbDeploy task this way, 
> and, if so, how would I do it? 
> On a similar note, is there anyway to use the <eclipse.incrementalBuild> 
> task in the same way (<eclipse.incrementalBuild kind="clean"/> or 
> <eclipse.incrementalBuild project="<project_name>"/>) outside of RAD?

I dont know what RAD is, and assume that it is a rational/eclipse 
platform. Yes?

If so, these are custom tasks that come with the tool. You need to find 
where they come from, add the JAR and dependencies to Ant's classpath 
outside the IDE. As long as they dont have hard coded assumptions about 
in-IDE use, they should then work.


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