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From "Robert Pepersack" <>
Subject Re: Check to See If Directory Exists
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 12:06:56 GMT
OK.  I looked in the online documentation and read from the book "Java
Development With Ant", but neither documented this behavior of <mkdir>.

Thanks for your help,


Robert Pepersack
Senior Lead Developer
Maryland Insurance Administration

>>> 10/10/2006 4:29 PM >>>
> I need to check to see if a directory exists, and if not, then
> the directory.  But, if the directory already exists, then leave it
> alone, because it may already contain some important files.  I have
> than a dozen directories to check for, and I would like to find a way
> do this that's less verbose than a bunch of <property> and
> tasks.  Does anyone know how?
> Here's the equivalent command from a batch file:
> if not exist c:\myapp mkdir c:\myapp

Well, since <mkdir> is a no-op for an existing directory, you don't
even need to use <available>. And to process several dirs, either
manually write all the <mkdir>s, or select the dirs in a <fileset> or
<path>, and loop over it using Ant-Contrib's <for> task. --DD

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